Well trained employees are one of the most important elements to run your business at a professional level. These days, hard- and software are fast growing technologies, the possibilities to use those for instructional purposes are almost endless.

Vilear gives you the opportunity to go one step further. Vilear enables you to provide your instructors and employees/students with the right tools to bring their knowledge and skills to a higher level.

All our products and additional services are based to meet your organizational and instructional needs.

This is what we do

We combine interactive virtual techniques with audio, stunning videos and state-of-the-art software.

These techniques combined, results in two packages ,viTour and viLear.

A great life-like environment! With hotspot detailed information, video/audio instruction and high quality sound.

The possibilities are endless and obviously completely customized to meet your requirements.

Another advantage: cost reduction

Reduction of operational costs will be achieved with our viTour and viLear packages.

Our concept is based on images which are stitched together into professional life-like navigable environment.


This will reduce the costs of expensive downtime and time consuming site visits.




Easy to use

Immersive images

No expensive site visits

Professional design

Individual or classroom

Effortless control

Packages and Services



Navigation bar/Overview map


Full 360 navigable environment

Customer design and brand

3D Animation

Photo,audio and sound spots

Text boxes


LMS Integration

In-House implementation


Our packages can be deployed on a very wide range of applications.

Aircraft walk-arounds

Emergency escape route training

AED's and fire extinguishing equipment locations

The possibilities are endless and completely customized to meet your requirements.

Publish and Share

Share Offline

Upload the package of your choice on your server and share it with your selected audience (f.ex. employees, customers or students).

We offer the option to supply a private network set-up if you want to keep your product or environment confidential. In this case we are able to set-up a private network.

What hardware do you need

Unlimited possibilities

This depends on your present hardware. If this meets the requirements we can implement our packages on your existing hardware. After all, cost-effective is one of our key benefits for our customers.

Inspired by the power of technology Vilear offers both packages with additional hardware. This extended all-in-one solution gives you the freedom to store, manage and display all your “training” data.

From automatic back-up solutions to tablet, we can compose a state of the art system that works out-of-the-box and will be based on the latest technology and innovation.


If you have any requests or require specific information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Daniëlle Rodenburg

Co-Founder & Production specialist

Nando van Roon


2016 Upcoming innovations Vilear.

  • 360° Video navigable environment.
  • Responsive web design.
  • Adding customer web portal.

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